Jun 17

Solar: A Source, An Asset, A Hope

What comes into your mind whenever you heard the word solar? Sun? Energy? Electricity? All are correct. The first thing that enters my head is, hope. Yes, hope.   A hope for the better future, cleaner atmosphere, greener environment. The carbon emissions can be reduced heavily if we rely more on solar energy.    A solar power plant is not just modules and metal, it is our pathway to a better life, it carves a way for our children to breathe in a cleaner air. The effects will not be immediate,....
Jun 17

Let’s make the Industry Great

A humble request to all the people out there who has anything to do with solar industry, be it EPC, INC, Government officials, structure manufacturers, or dealers of modules and balance of system.   Please don’t let the Solar Industry sink in India before it gets a chance to thrive at its fullest.   I have seen people in many businesses, including construction business, jumping into solar industry with very little or without any technical knowledge, and use their references to do business.....