Let’s make the Industry Great

A humble request to all the people out there who has anything to do with solar industry, be it EPC, INC, Government officials, structure manufacturers, or dealers of modules and balance of system.
Please don’t let the Solar Industry sink in India before it gets a chance to thrive at its fullest.
I have seen people in many businesses, including construction business, jumping into solar industry with very little or without any technical knowledge, and use their references to do business. Consequently, there is an unhappy customer, spreading bad name about solar industry for not being happy with the solar PV system at his rooftop. The inadequate generation could result because of the incorrect tilt angle, the imprecise direction of installation or not taking into account any shadow effects. In addition to that, the structure might not be strong enough to withhold any winds or storms, if they may come, or the structure might have already started rusting after the first rain, in which case there’s a doubt regarding durability of the system of 25-30 years, which he was promised. Among other things, the earthing is really horrible at small sites, the installation is messy and the customers aren’t happy about it.
Moreover, people at DISCOM have very little or no knowledge about the procedure for net metering, and they don’t care about whatever is written in the policy. Every DISCOM (even in same state) has their own procedure, and unfortunately, none of them matches the one written in the policy. If we really want to promote rooftop solar PV installations, the net metering procedure needs to be smooth, really smooth.
Moving over, we are talking about saving the environment by installing Solar PV plants. On the contrary, on an average, installation of a Solar PV system uses about 200 pages for feasibility reports, subsidy applications, project completion reports, net metering applications, safety certificates and what not. A tree produces 15000-20000 sheets of paper. So that’s approx 100 power plants per tree. We, in India have an ambitious target of 100 GW by the year 2022 and as of 30 April 2017, we have a cumulative installed capacity of 12.5 GW. The math is simple, we have 87.5 more gegawatts to go. That is 87500000 kW of system. We have 1 kW systems as well as 10 MW systems. Taking an assumption here, let’s assume an average of 500 kW per system; we might have to cut around 2000 trees to get enough paper for all the paper work required for solar PV installation. So much we contribute to the environment!!, Why on earth can’t we make it digital? Why can’t we upload everything on DISCOM’s website and State solar body’s website? And since every DISCOM has their own policy, a lot of paper gets wasted for nothing.
Something needs to be done for the above stated issues if we really want to save our environment and promote rooftop solar PV installations. Please spread the word. Even if one problem is solved by this, the effort will be worth it and the motivation to put in more effort will be alive.