Solar: A Source, An Asset, A Hope

What comes into your mind whenever you heard the word solar? Sun? Energy? Electricity? All are correct. The first thing that enters my head is, hope. Yes, hope.
A hope for the better future, cleaner atmosphere, greener environment. The carbon emissions can be reduced heavily if we rely more on solar energy. 
A solar power plant is not just modules and metal, it is our pathway to a better life, it carves a way for our children to breathe in a cleaner air. The effects will not be immediate, but they will be immense, and permanent. We have come a few steps into this direction, lot of people have opted to install a solar power plant and have instilled hope into the nature, that it can heal, that we can be better than what we were yesterday, that we are not here to only harm our planet, we can help it too. 
Let us make the mother earth proud. 
Now, along with the environmental benefits, imagine being self-reliant for your energy needs. For once, being self-reliant is cheaper than relying on other options given by the government. You'd pick your car to go to your workplace within a blink of an eye any day, if I tell you that it'll cost less than the metro or the bus or the local, and there'll be lesser traffic jams, and will help the planet heal instead of polluting it, wouldn't you? Of course, you would! 
This is what solar has to offer. It is the best asset one can own in the 21st century. And it will remain this way until they make a reliable teleportation system! 
You are in charge of your energy needs, you get to control the quality of electricity you get, the access to your generating station is only a couple floors away. That's the beauty of it, you can go and see it working solitary, in silence. 
Solar, is a source, for energy, yes. Everyone knows it, but it's not just an energy source, it is one of the greatest inventions of all time, can be compared to the wheel as well! After years of trying, we'd found a reliable way to harness the energy of our own giant star, and that is huge! Did you know, the quality of energy generated by a solar power plant is better than what you receive from the DISCOMs? Better quality energy with complete control and lower price! I'd call it the deal of a lifetime! 
Energy is essential, just like the wheel, and if I were you, I'd rather keep the control of my essentials in my hands as much as I can.