We at Heron Solaris do not merely sell Solar Panels or a Solar Power Plant. We provide clean energy solutions. Below set of FAQs should explain how we design these custom "Solutions".
Why Rooftop Solar?
Why now?
Basics of Solar?
What are the different types of Rooftop Solar Systems? Do all of them need battery backups?
Installing the plant will damage my roof as the plant may require chipping, drilling or puncturing the roof. I also have additional water proof and Brick Coba protection. I do not want that to be removed or damaged.
I want to use my roof for parties. Or, I want to build a swimming pool on my roof. How can I install a solar plant on my roof and still use it for my personal use?
How much will I save? And how much area do I need?
What kind of maintenance is required for the Solar Power Plant?
What are the incentives provided by the Government of India? What is my return on investment?